I Biked 25 Miles …

On Independence Day my husband Dave and I biked the Lehigh River Gorge Bike Trail .
The 25 mile trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor along the Lehigh River , from Jim Thorpe to the town of White Haven, PA.
We took a shuttle bus from Jim Thorpe to the top of the gorge in White Haven and rode the trail 25 miles back to town.
It’s a 2% downhill grade which is really just saying that it isn’t uphill, you have to pedal the whole way, there is no coasting.
I am fairly new to biking, I bike 6 miles a day sometimes 8-10 on the weekend.
I was ready to collapse after 25 miles and I was all proud of myself for being such a trooper until I read this post.
They biked the entire length AND BACK (!!)– 50 miles.
I was pretty impressed with their trip and would like to do that sometime.
Here are some photos of  our trip

Jim Thorpe PA

the Lehigh River Gorge Bike Trail .

It was one hot day but the trail was shaded almost the whole way
and there were waterfalls every so often
that cooled the air for about 1/10 of a mile.

The Mountain Laurel were blooming

I think we saw every shade of green that there is on the trail.

It was a beautiful trail and I hope to go back soon.